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Complejo Arqueológico y Monumental de San Pitar (Archaeological site of San Pitar)

Diputación de Málaga
ETAPA 02. GSM. San Pitar. Almayate. Vélez-Málaga

Complejo Arqueológico y Monumental de San Pitar (Archaeological site of San Pitar)

The site served as a quarry in the 18th century and also supplied with stones the construction of the Roman Theatre and the Cathedral of Málaga, the Cervantes House in Vélez, the Phoenician necropolis of Trayamar (Almayate), as well as that of many farmhouses and houses in the surroundings of Torre del Mar. At present, it has been restored and fitted out as an interpretation centre.

This is a tourism and culture promotion plan to revitalize the monumental and archaeological site of the ancient quarries in Valle Niza (Almayate) by enhancing its Artistic Historical Heritage.

After a detailed analysis of the site potential and the archaeological and historical information about its past gathered to this date, we can confirm that its patrimonial and historical interest is particularly marked by the existence of the well-known quarry in Almayate which used to provide the raw material used in the construction of Cathedral of Málaga and the Castillo del Marqués (Castle of the Marquis).

About the site name

San Pitar is the etymological origin of San Pedro (Saint Peter), “holy stone”, and is also linked to the Mozarabic name given to the Axarquía region. There is evidence about the occupation of the place by a Mozarabic monastery which reminds of the strong Christian-Mozarabic influence.

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