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La Concepción foundry and blast furnaces [Hydraulic Heritage]

Diputación de Málaga
Restos del edificio altos hornos de la Concepción

La Concepción foundry and blast furnaces [Hydraulic Heritage]

Zip Code 29601
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• Heritage Value: High
• Landscape Value: Medium
• Condition: Low state of repair
• Type of hydraulic structure: Industry
• Stage of the Great Málaga Path: Stage 30: Marbella - Ojén
• Where to find it: Marbella
• Period: 1827
• Architect: Unknown
• UTM Coordinates: 324936,8188, 4043543,374


It is located within the Finca la Concepción rural estate, close to the AP-7 and the A-7176 roads.


According to Madoz, in 1847, the factory included the following:
- 3 charcoal blast furnaces
- 1 roasting furnace
- 2 common forges
- 4 stoves and equipment to heat the air using the furnaces
- 3 double-action wind machines equipped with hydraulic wheels
- 1 high-pressure steam engine


The blast furnace ruins are located within a private property dedicated to restaurant and events services.


By 1837, Marbella's foundry had two blast furnaces—13.20 m high, 2.40 m in diameter— plus a spare one—11.40 m high, 3 m in diameter— that received the air from two hydraulic machines. There were 30 operators responsible for the furnaces and machines at the time. The ore came from the Peñón and the Peñoncillo, two nearby mines that were worked in the open air.

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