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Baños del Duque spa [Hydraulic Heritage]

Diputación de Málaga
Vista general del edificio de hospedería, Casares

Baños del Duque spa [Hydraulic Heritage]


Heritage value of the site: Low
Landscape value of the site: Medium
Condition: Low state of repair
Type of hydraulic structure: Baths
Stage of the Great Málaga Path: Stage 28. Genalguacil - Casares
Locality: Casares
Period: 18th century
Architect: Unknown
UTM Coordinates: 299588,7186, 4042196,041


Located on the northern slope of Sierra Bermeja, in a relatively secluded area of Monte del Duque, it is accessed through the road known as Camino de los Baños del Duque. This road is reached from the regional road in the northern part of Casares heading towards Majada Madrid.


The complex included:
- Guesthouse with 36 rooms - Huts - Chapel - Stables - Two pools - Aqueduct and spring


The building is now in ruins, although its entire structure is still recognisable. The fountain still flows water boasting mineral properties.


In 1857, the spa-hostel was equipped with a fountain, two pools, a chapel, a guesthouse, and stables.
When the bathing season was at its peak, a butcher's shop would be set up to sell goat meat, as well as milk and fresh cheese. Merchants—mostly women—would arrive from Genalguacil or Casares to sell chickens, hens, eggs, small game, fresh fish, vegetables and fruits, and locals would order items they could get in Casares for the following day. Bread was baked at the very spa complex, but other essential products had to be brought in from Casares or other nearby villages.

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