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Buitreras hydroelectric power station and canal [Hydraulic Heritage]

Diputación de Málaga
FOTO 3. Interior de la central de Las Buitreras

Buitreras hydroelectric power station and canal [Hydraulic Heritage]

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• Heritage Value: Low
• Landscape Value: High
• Condition: Medium state of repair
• Type of hydraulic structure: Industrial
• Stage of the Great Málaga Path: Stage 27. Benalauría - Genalguacil
• Where to find it: Between the Cortés de la Frontera railway station and the Colmenar-Gaucín station
• Period: 1919
• Architect: Sevillana de Electricidad
• UTM Coordinates:
- 287124,1893, 4046274,893 Hydroelectric power station
- 287864,9177, 4048532,689 Puente de los Alemanes bridge


The dam and the canal head can be found a few metres downstream the Guadiaro river in the Colmenar station (Cádiz). The hydroelectric power station is located further upstream the village of El Colmenar - Gaucín Station. Over the river lays the bridge known as Puente de los Alemanes.


The Las Buitreras hydroelectric power station is equipped with:
- A dam and canal for hydroelectric purposes
- The Puente de los Alemanes bridge over the Guadiaro River
- A hydroelectric power station with two big penstocks supplying each turbine
- Turbines in the Las Buitreras Hydroelectric Power Station building
- A village bearing the same name


The dam is partially operational at the moment. The power plant’s settlement is still inhabited. However, the canal presents some intricate sections on its route.


This hydroelectric power station used to collect its water from the Guadiaro River. To allow a fluid course of the canal, it was necessary to build an aqueduct over the Las Buitreras gorge—over 60 m above the ravine ground level. This aqueduct bridge with a single arch resting on the rocky massifs on both banks is known today as the Puente de los Alemanes (“Germans’ Bridge”), maybe because of the owners of the Sevillana company, which predominantly continued to be of German capital up to the time of its construction.

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