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Acueducto romano de Lacipo (Roman aqueduct of Lacipo) [Hydraulic Heritage]

Diputación de Málaga
Lacipo 3

Acueducto romano de Lacipo (Roman aqueduct of Lacipo) [Hydraulic Heritage]

Zip Code 29690
Monuments and Art > Aqueduct

• Heritage Value: Medium
• Landscape Value: Medium
• Condition: Low state of repair
• Type of hydraulic structure: Canal
• Stage of the Great Málaga Path: Stage 28. Genalguacil - Casares
• Where to find it: Casares
• Period: 2nd century CE
• Architect: Unknown
• UTM Coordinates: 293378,8, 4035473,083


The water catchment takes place in Grande, which is about 4 km from the Roman city of Lacipo. Only a few remains of arches have been preserved on the way to the site. Remains of three deposits were found inside the city.


This Roman aqueduct must have had:
- Four km of arched sections resting on the ground - Water catchment area in Fuente Grande - Three 8-m3 recipient cisterns in the villa of Lacipo


Since the aqueduct remains are scarce, the cisterns preserved in Lacipo are quite fascinating, as well as the remains of the arch piles in the Sierra Crestellina.


The aqueduct has been dated to the 2nd century CE for it was the time of greatest expansion for the ancient city of Lacipo. From the 5th century onwards, the city fell into decline and was gradually forgotten.

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