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The Museum of Arts and Popular Customs

Diputación de Málaga
Museo de Artes y Costumbres. Cómpeta (2)

The Museum of Arts and Popular Customs

This museum arises from the demand of the villagers and its many visitors who come to know it as a permanent tribute to the rural and peasant family, not forgetting the customs and traditions of the town, which are represented with careful recreation, to be well preserved and disseminated.

The cultural center occupies two entire floors of the former barracks of the Guardia Civil (nineteenth century), magnificent and impressive building of a particular style.

This museum has been created through the acquisition of the necessary equipment, performing minor alterations, and especially thanks to the selfless contribution and donation Cómpeta neighbours. The museum houses the ancient utensils used in agricultural activities (farming, pressing the grape, etc.) and other economic (shops, slaughter, wood oven, carpentry, iron, etc.), costumes and all the cultural, artistic or manners that make up the cultural heritage of the region.

It is further intended that this center will become the tourist hub of all promotional campaigns for the municipalities of the Sierra Tejada, Almijara and Alhama.

It also has a high quality photographic archive comprising heritage, festivals and customs, landscapes and other aspects of interest of the town of Competa.
The tour starts at the main entrance, as the exhibition begins here and surrounds the central chamber.

How to get there

c/Horno 2
Zip Code 29754

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Discover more about the province of Malaga