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SL-A 173 Charco de la Cal

Diputación de Málaga
Charco de la Cal, SL-A 173, Igualeja 2

SL-A 173 Charco de la Cal

Routes On foot On a bicycle On a horse
Access -

1. Initiation Stage:

Starting point:Confluence road MA-7300 with Río Seco..

2. Completion of Stage:

Finish point:  Charco de la Cal.

Duration - 1:00 horas
Length - 3800 Km

The path starts at the road with join the towns of Igualeja and Pujera (MA-7300).  We will found at the beginning of the trekking a fountain and the directions to walk towards the Charco de la Cal. Most part of the route is along the chestnut woods and a firmly path. At the end of this path we will have to take a lane to the left that finishes in the Seco  River. Upriver we will found our destination the Charco de la Cal.

This path can be carried out by bike and it takes his maximum splendour in autumn when the chestnut shows its ochre colours catching the attention of tourists and local natives for its beauty.

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Discover more about the province of Malaga