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Alcázar Cliffs (Natural Monument in the Province)

Diputación de Málaga
Área recreativa El Alcázar, Alcaucín (Rincón Singular)

Alcázar Cliffs (Natural Monument in the Province)

The Alcázar Cliffs are natural monuments because they are unique geological formations. The most interesting one is the Fuerte Cliff which has a drop of 170 m and it is 500 m long. This place cannot be accessed. Actually, there are only birds of prey like eagles and wild goats. It is at the source of the Alcázar Stream and has a vascular plants of great ecological interest.

The cliffs are placed between Alcaucín, village in the area of La Axarquía, and Alhama de Granada in the northwest of the Sierra de Tejeda mountain range and in the Natural Park of the Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama mountains. This is one of the richest parts of La Axarquía  in animal and plant life. Pine forests are the most characteristic in the case of plants, above all replanted forests and Aleppo pines. Poplars, holm oaks, cypresses are commonly found here, as well as the following species of bushes or herbaceous plants, such as the turpentine, gorse, Montpellier Cistus, rockrose, ivy,  grapevine, as well as the thyme, rosemary, palmetto, flax-leaved daphne, etc.

Close to the Tejeda Mountains, pine trees disappear and there are more bushes that can resist cold weather such as juniper shrubs, hawthorns and certain number of yews, which are now less than in the past when they must have been plentiful on some northern sides of the Tejeda Mountains. At the bottom of the gorge, you can find a very varied plant life, and, if you wish, you can go rappelling.

Natural Monuments: Meaning

Natural Monuments are places or parts of nature which are considered to be significantly unique, rare or beautiful, and therefore are to be protected.

Natural monuments can also be geological formations, palaeontological sites and other geological structures that are of special interest for science, culture or landscape. They can be geological, biotic, geographical, eco-cultural and mixed according to the criteria presented in Article 4 of the Government Decree 225/1999 with regulations regarding the arrangement and management of each of them.

The Council of the Regional Government of Andalusia has authority to establish certain spot or part of nature as a Natural Monument.

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