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Holy Chestnut Tree, Istán (Unique Site)

Diputación de Málaga
Castaño Santo, Istán (Rincón Singular)

Holy Chestnut Tree, Istán (Unique Site)

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Recommended month to visit it: November.

Under its branches the king Ferdinand the II of Aragon celebrated a mass for Thanksgiving in 1501, just before conquering Marbella... and back then it was already a hundredyear- old tree.

We refer to an enormous and centuries old specimen of chestnut tree that is located in the Sierra Real in Istán: a marvellous place which exalts even more its value. It is probably the eldest tree in the entire Sierra de las Nieves –being estimated to be between eight hundred and one thousand years old.

Twenty-three metres of hight and fourteen of perimeter guard the millenary energies that have turned it into a place of worship. Holm and cork oaks escort this magnificent Natural Monument, silent witness of countless events.


  • Ground track start: 321561 / 4044138
  • Parking: 319367 / 4054061
  • Holy Chestnut Tree: 319626 / 4053859

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