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The Roe Deer Natural Viewpoint, Ojén (Unique Site)

Diputación de Málaga
Mirador del Corzo, Ojén (Rincón Singular)

The Roe Deer Natural Viewpoint, Ojén (Unique Site)


Recommended month to visit it: January.

In between the Sierras Blanca and Alpujata there is a place for Ojén, picturesque town, calm and serene, whose streets, architecture and abundance in flowers have a distinct southern flavour. In the heart of the Biosphere Reserve of Sierra de las Nieves, facing the Mediterranean, which is scarce kilometers away, Ojén leans from the mountains towards the sea.

In order to perceive the greatness if this landscape, there is nothing better than to go to the Mirador del Corzo [Overlook of the Roe Deer], near the Refugio del Juanar [Shelter of el Juanar]. At the top of the Cerro del Pechón [Hill of el Pechón] and 881 metres high, this overlook grants us magnificent views of the Costa del Sol and the coast of Morrocco in the horizon. Few metres away from the overlook, one can find, hidden in the vegetation, a peculiar statue of a roe deer that pays homage to this unique and rare species native to this mountain ranges.

From this viewpoint you can enjoy wonderful view of the village of Ojén, one part of the coast and the town of Fuengirola. To get to the viewpoint there is to climb up a drop of approximately 500m, which is 5 km long, but the view and plant life are worth the effort.


  • Parking: 331389 / 4049585
  • Viewpoint of the Roe Deer: 331887 / 4049275

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