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Peñón de Benadalid. Climbing area. Serranía de Ronda

Diputación de Málaga
Péñón de Benadalid. Zona de escalda.Serranía de Rond. Benadalid

Peñón de Benadalid. Climbing area. Serranía de Ronda

This climbing area consists of eleven well differentiated sectors, some larger than others. Good quality and grippy limestone with a medium to hard hardness dominates in this area. You can practise sport climbing and, especially, traditional climbing and half trad climbing. The routes vary in distances; the climbs are between 10m with three pitches long and 100m in distance, and in difficulty grades; there are routes suitable for amateurs and routes of 8º. This climbing area is constantly changing, so the information in guides can be out-dated.


On the crossroad between the road A-369 and the local road to Benalauría, you will see a path towards the mountain range. You can nearly arrive at the mountain pass Puerto de Benalauría, where you will see a path. You will need to walk for 5 minutes along this path, which is under the walls, to reach the climbing area.

Main Data:

  • Municipality: Benadalid
  • Nearest town: Benalauría
  • Coordinates (UTM): x: 296179 y: 4052672
  • Direction. East.
  • Number of routes: 90 routes.
  • Type of climbing: Bouldering, sport climbing, half trad climbing and traditional climbing. Routes normally have between one to three pitches long. It is dominated by vertical walls and slabs with off-widths. It is an ideal climbing area for amateurs in traditional climbing.
  • Recommended season: All seasons. The most recommended one are spring and autumn.
  • Assement of the route: Good.
  • Climbing grading system: Up to 5º (3%), Route grade 5º (10%), Route grade 6º (45%), Route grade 7º (14%), Route grade 8º (3%), and Classical routes (25%).


1. Electrobuggy. 2 routes. Sport climbing.
2. Diente. 12 routes. Sport climbing, except one of traditional climbing.
3. Placas Este. 7 routes. Sport climbing.
4. Diedro Cruzcampo. 5 routes. Sport climbing. 1 Iron Way.
5. Placas Centrales. 8-9 routes. Traditional climbing.
6. Torreón y Aguja Tarifa. 7 routes. Sport and traditional climbing. 1 Iron Way.
7. Aguja hiedra. 4 routes. Sport climbing.
8. La Raja. 3 routes. Sport climbing.
9. Placas del Circo. 8-9 routes. Sport climbing.
10. Espolón Fabiola. 5 routes. Sport and traditional climbing.
11. Pared Oeste. 24 routes. Sport climbing, half trad climbing and traditional climbing.



No restrictions are applied, although it is necessary to be aware that it is a private property. If you intend to set up new routes, it is important to notify it to personnel of the climbing area so you don’t destroy the already set up routes.

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