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Conejeras - Castaño Santo Mountain Bike Trail (MB)

Diputación de Málaga
Rutas BTT Serranía de Ronda #V

Conejeras - Castaño Santo Mountain Bike Trail (MB)

Active Tourism Activities > Mountain Bike

Main Data

Distance (m): 17.5 km
Trail Type: One-Way

More Information:

The area of the Serranía de Ronda is has a lot of cleared land with no access to the roads, which we can only approach on foot or by bicycle. Although there are many more kilometres which are marked in the area, as far as this active tourism guide is concerned, only tracks or roads are included as it is difficult to ride along some paths. However, professional cyclists can look for more information about the rest of the trails.

Those who like challenges, might decide to follow 2,000-metre-long TransAndalus route and go around Andalusia. You can find all the trails on this route at

More skilful and daring riders can go on a MB Down Hill ride in Algatocín. The trail goes along La Loma ravine for 4.3 km, with 40% elevations. This is down-hill trail has many obstacles until it reaches the Genal River at the famous in Venta de San Juan.

The secondary roads in the Serranía de Ronda, where the cars go slowly and there is less traffic, are good option for those who love racing bicycles. Tourists who like moving by bicycle can find some suggestions in the section: More Information.

If you do not owe a bicycle or you prefer not to take it with you, you can rent it in one of the stores which supply with this kind of service, and also rent the rest of the equipment. They can even offer a cycle tour.

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