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Migratory birds watching spot or Viewpoint of Africa

Diputación de Málaga
Mirador de África

Migratory birds watching spot or Viewpoint of Africa

Africa Viewpoint is in the villages of Gaucín and Algatocín, at the Benarrabá crossroads and on the way to the Espino Pass.

It has been recently built and it offers wonderful views of Africa, Gibraltar, Algeciras and its bay, as well as some closer landscapes, such as the Crestellina Mountains, the Asalto del Cura Viewpoint, the Hacho Mountains in Gaucín and the Palas Gorge. If you look towards the Genal Valley, you will see the villages of Jubrique and Genalguacil, Torrecilla, Jardón, Anícola, El Alto Porrejón and Los Reales from a distance.

We should highlight spectacular views of the Nature Park of Los Alcornocales (Cork Oaks), the Berrueco Rock, Las Eras Pass, Redondo Mountain, the Sierra de los Pino; Martín Gil, Palo and Ventana Peak, the Algatocín Mountains, the Cañada del Real Tesoro and the village of Cortes de la Frontera.

Birds migration is a natural phenomenon of great importance. Millions of birds fly twice from Africa to Europe every year and cross hundreds of kilometres.  The migration before mating season happens mostly in March and April, and if it is after mating season it is in August and September. Therefore, migratory birds spend spring and summer in Europe, and autumn and winter in Africa. This is generally speaking and it depends on weather conditions and natural resources.

From this watching location, migratory birds of prey from the Serranía de Ronda, can be contemplated. These are:  black kite, European honey buzzard, booted eagle,  short-toed snake eagle, common Egyptian vulture, griffon vulture, common sparrowhawk, Montagús, marsh and hen harrier; common buzzard, fish hawk, lesser and common kestrel; white and black stork.

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Discover more about the province of Malaga