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Tajo del Molino (The Targus of the mill), Teba (Unique Site)

Diputación de Málaga
Tajo de los Molinos, Teba 32.3

Tajo del Molino (The Targus of the mill), Teba (Unique Site)

Natural Area > Site of Natural Heritage


Recommended month to visit it: March.

The Tajo del  Molino or Tajo de Torró as it is known in Teba, which is no more than three kilometres away, is a slightly curved defile, perfect in its shape, that seems more like the work of an engineer than of mother nature. There are many caves and hollows in the canyon as consequence of the karstification produced by the waters of the de la Venta River [River of the Inn].

The most remarkable of these caves is the Cueva de las Palomas [Cave of the Doves], which contains archaeological remains. At the end of its route we encounter the ruins of what initially was a flour mill, that names the Cleft; it later became the inn that gives name to the river that cuts through the landscape.


  • Tajo del Molino: 332558 / 4094322


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About three kilometres from Teba  a surprising limestone canon arises. It is called Targus of the Mills and among the townsfolk of Teba it is also known as ‘Tajo de Torró’.

The gorge was formed during the immersion of chalky seabeds in the Jurassic Era. Further on, the action of water and, above all, the River Venta that flows through the gorge caused the formation of caves and caverns in this area. The most important among them is the ‘Dove's cave' (Las Palomas).

Because of its abrupt path, it is convenient to pay attention while you are walking through this part of the area. Bird lovers can enjoy this natural crevice, where you can observe different species of birds which became - doubtlessly - landlords of this interior space.

On its walls, there are the entrances of various caves, among them ‘The Doves', which stands out as the only one that has been inhabited since prehistory.

The fact that the river is sometimes polluted cannot erase the great value of its amazing flora. Enormous birds of prey, such as griffon vultures, Egyptian vultures and a surprising diversity of night birds share this cave with a colony of bats.

In the presence of wild goats, which tramp around the gorge to drink during the summer, fan palms, rosemary, asparagus, olive trees and orchids stand out.

In the depths of the Tagus we can discover a ruined mill. The water entered into the machinery and was moved by turbines that ground the grain. The existence of these mill wheels is evidence of their reality and it explains their name. Being a nature milestone, it is included into the Mills Route (Teba - Torró - Las Pilas) among other beautiful landscapes.

Beautiful landscapes linked to interesting archaeological sites of immense tradition, sources, strange geological formations or its huge ensemble of milestones that nature donated to the lands of Teba, complete what is valued in this territory.

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