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Cerro Virgen de Gracia Via Ferrata, Archidona. Nororma

Diputación de Málaga
Ferrata Sierra Gracia Archidona5

Cerro Virgen de Gracia Via Ferrata, Archidona. Nororma

Puerta de la Hoya
Zip Code 29300
Active Tourism Activities > Climbing Route

This climbing trail goes up to the Virgen de Gracia sanctuary. This is not a difficult route as there is only a short overhang at the beginning and a Tibetan bridge at an altitude of 20 metres, though it does not seem too high.

There is to watch the rocks that might fall from the terraces. Once you reach the end of the route, you can admire dramatic panoramic views.


Go to the top of the village in order to reach the way that leads to the car park. It is on the corner of the Hoya and Alta Streets. Once you reach the way, go along it for less than 500 metres.

At the end of the route, you can start the way back at Archidona Castle by following the road that goes to the town. At the second turning, you should take the path that goes along the wall. At the end of it, go down along a section of the wall which is round two metres tall. This way you will go around the hill and get to the start point.

Main data

Town: Archidona
Nearest place: Archidona
Location (UTM coordinates): X: 376695; Y: 4107008
Difficulty: Easy K2
Length of the route: 268 m
Elevation: 110 m
Overhangs: 1
Tibetan bridge: 0
Hanging bridge: 0
Zip-line: 0
Total estimated time: Return trip from the car park -1 hour and 55 minutes.
Estimated access time from the car park: 5 minutes
Estimated time of the route: 1 hour and a half
Estimated time needed to go back to the car park: 20 minutes



Hiking routes that are linked:

• Grajas Cave (Cueva de las Grajas) Route
• Marín Stream Ravine Short-distance Path (PR-A-157)
• Great Málaga Path Long-distance Path  (GR 249)
• GR-7 E-4 Long-distance Path

Nearest Landmarks:

• Archidona Castle
• Virgen de Gracias mosque-country chapel
• Centro de interpretación de la Cultura Mozárabe (Mozarabic Cultural Centre)
• Arts and Culture Centres of Archidona with many important monuments: Ochavada Square, Santa Ana Church, Las Mínimas Church, the Cilla, Luis Barahona de Soto Secondary School, La Victoria Church, etc.
• Virgen de Gracia Park.
• Archidona Mountains.
• Grajas Cave.
• Marín Stream Ravine.
• Campillos Lakes Nature Reserve.

How to get there

Puerta de la Hoya
Zip Code 29300

More information

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Discover more about the province of Malaga