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Diputación de Málaga
Playa de Guadalhorce. Málaga


  • Reachable by train
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Beach Cleaning
Blue Flag - No
Length 950
Width 60
Occupation - Medio
Urbanization - Rústica
Under Surveillance - Yes

Guadalhorce Beach, in Malaga, lies at the mouth of the Guadalhorce river, from which it takes its name, in the district of Churriana.

The beach is covered in dark sand and is 950 metres long and 60 metres wide on average. The natural conditions of the estuary make it somewhat more difficult to reach than other beaches, so it is guaranteed to be quiet.

The space, declared a natural beauty spot because of its high environmental value, extends over 64 hectares, and is inhabited by a number of species. Its position makes it one of the main routes for birds migrating between Europe and Africa.

Churriana is one of the eleven districts in the city of Malaga, and the takes its name from its neighbourhood. Historically, it was an independent town until it was recognised as part of the city in 1999.



  • Surveillance Team



Given its natural setting, this beach can only be reached along the motorway to the Port of Malaga, also known as the MA-22, or the N-340.

How to get there

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