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Lagunas y alrededores

Diputación de Málaga
GR 249. Stage 18. Fuente de Piedra - Campillos. Lobón Lagoon

Lagunas y alrededores

Campillos boasts one of the most beautiful inland locations to be found anywhere in the province.

The area is home to a total of eight lakes of immense geological importance which belong to the Reserva Natural. These run from north to south and are all of the fresh water variety with the exception of the lake known as Salada.

The largest, Dulce, is open to locals for angling in accordance with a manuscript dating back to 1833. Today, the area surrounding it is home to animals such as flamingos and ducks. Salada, on the other hand, was used as a source of sodium chloride until some 40 years ago.

Another of the lakes is called Lobón, while those known as Redonda and El Toro have now disappeared.

The mountains that surround Campillos, the Peñarrubia and Gobantes ranges, paint a picture postcard scene with their blend of blues and greys, as do the hills of El Calvario, Pelado, Quebrantaencinas and Mariano, to name but a few.

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