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Natural Park of Sierra Bermeja Royals

Diputación de Málaga
Plazoleta de García Lorca, Pinsapar de Sierra Bermeja, Genalguacil (Rincón Singular)

Natural Park of Sierra Bermeja Royals

Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja Natural Area, which includes a total of 1,236 hectares of protected land, is situated at the junction of the municipal districts of Estepona, Genalguacil and Casares, though the majority of its Spanish fir forest is found in Genalguacil. The natural area is part of the Sierra Bermeja where a mountain range is found in the heart of the Genal Valley. It separates the Serranîa de Ronda from the Mediterranean coast along a 35-kilometre stretch. The mountain range has an average height of 1,000 metres and is located between the Sierra de las Nieves and Pico de Los Reales (Los Reales Peak).


In the south east of the province of Malaga and to the south of the Ronda mountains.

Main access roads: N-340 and C-341.


A chain of mountains with an average height of some 1,000 m. whose highest peak, Los Reales, stands 1,450 m high. Streams are abundant throughout the sierra.

This protected area consists of crystalline rocks perforated by a powerful eruptive mass abundant in platinum-rich periodotites that constitute one of the largest formations of this type in Europe and are responsible for the eye-catching dark red colour that characterises this mountain range.

Plant Life

The most notable aspect of local flora is the presence of forests of Spanish fir. Pine, cork oak, juniper and kermes oak groves are also abundant here.

Los Reales is also home to a number of mountaintop plants including two varieties of gorse, Genista triacanthos and Ulex borgiae, and hedgehog heath, as well as Mediterranean fan palms, rosemary and other species of scrub. Endemic vegetation is abundant here.

Animal Life

The most interesting species to be found here are the mountain goat, roe deer, otter, ichneumon and wildcat.

A number of birds of prey such as the booted eagle, griffon vulture, sparrowhawk, eagle owl and long-eared owl inhabit the area. Amphibians include the salamander and common toad, while the most commonly-found reptiles are the Mediterranean pond turtle, Iberian worm lizard, Mediterranean pond turtle, Iberian worm lizard and three-toed skink.


Forest resources are the key element in this area, ranging from wood and cork exploitation to the picking of aromatic plants.

Agriculture has been displaced by the influx of tourism on the adjacent coast.

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