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Caves of the Albaicín

Diputación de Málaga
Cuevas del Barrio Viejo

Caves of the Albaicín

The heart of this town conceals a series of underground caves carved many centuries ago from the terrain of El Albaicîn by the currents of water that ran through it.

A natural landscape cut from the rock in the 12th century and one which provided refuge for the new inhabitants that came here to repopulate the area following the conquest of Málaga in 1487, creating the present-day Barrio Viejo (Old Quarter).

The caves are located inside thirteen houses which are currently being studied and catalogued. The results of this study will determine the value of each of them and whether they merit protection and renovation.

A common feature of these houses is the central patio via which the houses themselves and the caves are entered. Over the last six centuries, the caves have been used by their tenants as stables, junk rooms, for storage and a host of other purposes.

Almost all have been fully integrated into the rest of the house via a simple covering of plaster and tiles.

How to get there

Barrio Viejo: Esquina Salvador Rueda, 3
Zip Code 29130

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