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Charco del Infierno. Río de las Pasadas. Coín

Diputación de Málaga
21a Poza inferior. Río de las Pasadas. Coín

Charco del Infierno. Río de las Pasadas. Coín

  • Protected Area: not included
  • Watershed: Mediterranean Catchment Area
  • Main watercourse: Río de las Pasadas
  • Municipality: Coín
  • Coordinates: x: 344118 / y: 4053359 / z: 334 m
  • Location: moderate
  • Access: comfortable
  • Swimming Potential: medium.


How to Get There

The access is the same as described for the Barranco Blanco pool. In this case, once you reach the bridge over the river Alaminos, walk up along the right bank of the river (when facing upstream), until you meet the wall of an irrigation dam. Then cross over to the other side and push through under a dense canopy of vegetation. You will arrive at the beautiful green Charco de la Paloma, nestled between limestone walls: one sloping outwards and the other protruding inwards, with an attached rope to swing from. The Charco del Infierno is only a few metres above it, and is equally attractive.


Interesting Facts

The watercourse is crowded by the riverine woodland, consisting of oleanders, redoul (Coriaria myrtifolia), willows and butcher’s broom (Ruscus aculeatus). The environmental quality of the area and the purity of the water allows for a splendid biodiversity, endorsed by the presence of two species as symbolic as the otter and the kingfisher (Alcedo atthis). Neither pool has any comfortable spaces to rest and contemplate the scene, but the rocks and the banks are suitable to sit on.


Please Note

The narrow pool of La Paloma is too deep for an adult to stand in the water almost throughout its entire length, although, with some difficulty you can just about walk along the oblique left edge. The wide Infierno pool is preceded by a 6 m high double waterfall which you can climb up with a little effort. There is a small and attractive pool between the two waterfalls. Unfortunately, some vandals have spoiled some of the rock faces with graffiti. It is very important that you carry any rubbish back with you to the skip to prevent this inland paradise of Málaga from degrading further.

How to get there

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