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Charco de la Olla. Río Turón. Ardales

Diputación de Málaga
19a Sendero de acceso por la traza de la acequia. Charco de la Olla

Charco de la Olla. Río Turón. Ardales

  • Protected Area: not included
  • Watershed: Mediterranean Catchment Area
  • Main Watercourse: Río Turón
  • Municipality: Ardales
  • Coordinates: x: 333112 / y: 4082116 / z: 373 m
  • Location: convoluted
  • Access: complicated
  • Swimming Potential: medium.


How to Get There

From Ardales, look for the dirt track that crosses the Puente de la Molina bridge and follow the signs of the GR-249 and the PR-A 90 (Calvario-El Capellán). After a kilometre, leave the GR-249 and continue to the left along the dirt track to the Turón River ford, located in the Huertas del Turón natural reserve. You can park where the road is wide enough.  Walk across the footbridge and take the first dirt track on the left.  When you reach a dead-end at a gate, follow the path beside the river.  After a 15-minute walk, at times along an old irrigation stream, you will find the Charco de la Olla at the bottom of a deep gorge.


Interesting Facts

It is the only bathing area that is still frequented by the people of Ardales. It is certainly a unusual and beautiful place, among other things because you can still see traces of the irrigation stream on the rock face, which in this section must have been made using wooden beams slotted into small round holes that are still visible. In the past, it supplied three mills with water, including el de Enmedio and la Molineta.  If you look up towards the west, you will see the remains of the Turón castle, which was very important during the rebellion of Omar Ben Hafsún (9th century) and in the last period of Nasrid rule (14th century).


Please Note

It is a medium-sized pool suitable for swimming. The banks are surrounded by rocky slopes that hinder access, although once you have negotiated them, they are comfortable enough to sit on. The middle of the pool is deeper than an adult. There are some rocks you can jump off, but, as always, we do not recommend doing so, especially since the water is not completely clear.

How to get there

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