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Charco Largo del Dique. Río Turón. El Burgo

Diputación de Málaga
16 Largo del Dique. Río Turón. El Burgo

Charco Largo del Dique. Río Turón. El Burgo

  • Protected Area: Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park
  • Watershed: Mediterranean Catchment Area
  • Main Watercourse: Río Turón
  • Municipality: El Burgo
  • Coordinates: x: 324382 / y: 4073091 / z: 570 m
  • Location: easy
  • Access: convenient
  • Swimming Potential: high.


How to Get There

From El Burgo, a village on the A-366 (Ronda-Málaga), look for the bridge over the road and immediately take the signposted dirt track towards the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park and the Gran Senda de Málaga.  After 2.5 km, you will reach a wide section of the track next to a pile of rocks that are pinkish in colour. Park your car here. A narrow dirt track, which is closed off from this point by a chain, will quickly take you to the riverbank, where you will find a very shaded flat area and a breakwater holding the waters of an irrigation dam called Largo del Dique.


Interesting Facts

This pool is part of a network of dams for irrigation and flood control (Hierbabuena, El Nacimiento and Dique or Molino Caído). On 28th September 1906, a flood devastated the market gardens and mills on the floodplains, resulting in the death of six people.  Downstream, but only a short distance, you will get a bird’s eye view of the deep Poza del Dique, which is accessed along a steep and winding path and after crossing the crest of the dam.  The valley you are in is one of the most representative scenic landscapes of Málaga’s river environments. The fauna associated with the river is equally outstanding, including white-clawed crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes).


Please Note

The Poza del Dique is rather deep, so we do not recommend it for anyone who cannot swim very well. Some daring individuals jump from the dam wall, completely unaware of the danger. The Charco Largo del Dique, where the water is cold, is fantastic for swimming. It is no deeper than an adult near the crest of the irrigation dam, but the water is too deep to stand in anywhere else in the pool, which is over 250 m long.  There is shade in the flat area beside the pool and, if you arrive early, there is space to put out a folding table and some chairs.

How to get there

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