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Pozas del Río Sábar. The Vélez River Basin.. Alfarnatejo

Diputación de Málaga
6 Poza del río Sábar. Río Vélez

Pozas del Río Sábar. The Vélez River Basin.. Alfarnatejo

  • Protected Area: not included
  • Watershed: Mediterranean Catchment Area
  • Main Watercourse: Río Sábar
  • Municipality: Alfarnatejo
  • Coordinates: x: 388619 / y: 4090184 / z: 519 m
  • Location: easy
  • Access: comfortable
  • Swimming Potential: low.


How to Get There

Almost half-way between Periana and Riogordo, access is from the road that joins both towns, the A-7204, between km 15 and 16.  The exact location of the pools is marked by a wide esplanade next to a bar/restaurant and the bridge over the Sábar. To get there, take a dirt track across the road leading uphill towards a restaurant. After 15 m, walk down a mule path among olive trees until you reach the riverbank, where you will be able to see the bridge over the river.


Interesting Facts

Both pools lie next to each other, between enormous blocks of stone that have been polished by the force of the current during periods of heavy rain. The place is truly picturesque because of the contrast of the limestone mountains against the earthy slopes planted with olive trees. The riparian vegetation, especially lavish in oleanders and tamarisks, adds to the natural beauty of the area. The rugged riverbed and banks do not allow you to stretch out or sit comfortably, but you can prop yourself up on the rocks to rest and sunbathe.


Please Note

The two pools, which are small, are no deeper than an adult. For those seeking adventure, there is the possibility of walking upstream and entering the narrow gorge carved by the river through the blocks of limestone rock of the Sierra de Enmedio, to the east, and the famous gorges Tajos del Fraile, Doña Ana and de Gomer to the west.  This activity is not recommended for people that are not physically fit or are unable to walk through rough terrain.  It should not even be attempted outside of the summer season or whenever there is a risk of storms.

How to get there

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