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Gliding flight in Serrania de Ronda

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Vuelo libre. Serranía de Ronda. Ala Delta

Gliding flight in Serrania de Ronda

Enjoying the landscape from a stunning bird’s-eye view when you go paragliding, hang gliding or hot air ballooning is one of the most amazing sensation you can experience. However, technical skills, expensive equipment and adequate take-off and landing sites are required to practice these sports.

In the west end of the Serranía de Ronda, in the mountain range Sierra de Líjar (especially in the town of Algodonales and on the plateau of Acinipo), a perfect wind blows providing the ideal scenario to practice them. In fact, most of the regional offer is largely concentrated within this area, which is actually one of the most important flying sites in Spain.

If you take the plunge, it is probably recommended to start with a tandem paragliding flight with a professional pilot to enjoy soaring above the trees. There is also a great offer of all level courses to learn the techniques of paragliding or you are always invited to see the organized competitions. If you are thinking of learning to paraglide, you need to be aware that self-training and away from the flying sites increase the chanc-es of getting injured.

Qualified paragliding pilots with their own equipment can freely use the take-off and landing sites from the towns of Algodonales, Cañete la Real, Teba and El Bosque.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more peaceful activity, you should try hot air balloon rides relying on the wind direction. Taking the best aerial photographs of the city of Ronda and enjoying a spectacular panoramic view is only possible form the basket of the balloon. It is a memorable experience highly recommended for all ages and fantastic to share with friends and family.

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