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Diputación de Málaga
Vista general, Benamocarra. Axarquía

Benamocarra is an inland village in the district of Axarquía in whose streets the Arabs have left their mark. Facing the River Vélez valley, the village is surrounded by olive and almond groves.

The famous composer from Malaga, Eduardo Ocón, was born in Benamocarra and a monument has been erected in his honour. A further tribute from the town is held in the form of the Day of Music, one of the most important dates in the town's calendar.




The House where Eduardo Ocón was born, and where he spent his childhood is now a museum. A monolith has also been erected to pay tribute to this distinguished musician.

Santa Ana Church is the most striking building in Benamocarra. It was built in the 16th century and is divided into three naves, separated by pointed arches. The octagonal structure of the temple, and the exterior tower, both in Mudejar style, are of note.

The popular squares of la Constitución and el Calvario are next to the church. In the latter, "Manolo", a monument in honour of farm labourers, presides over the square.

The Fuente de Los Caños (the Spouting Fountain) takes it name from the three spouts which pour into pools below. This is where the locals from Benamocarra collected their water, and it also served as a natural wash house and a watering hole for horses. The fountain comes from a spring that passed behind an Arab style arch, and which was originally used by the Moslems to cleanse themselves before prayer.

San Isidro Hermitage was built by the residents of Benamocarra. Inside is the figure of San Isidro. The chapel of Santo Chiquito takes it name from the tiny mosaic inside which portrays a crucified Christ. Although the chapel is no longer used as a place of worship, it is well worth the visit.

The Casa Molino de Concha Collantes started as a mill at the end of the 18th century and remained in operation until 1964. Today, it is open to the public on certain days and has conserved the interior decoration from the period.

Geographic Data
Surface 6 km2
Altitude 126 m
Latitude 36º 47'
Length -4º 09'
Distance to Málaga City 42,8 km
City 3079
Men 1549
Women 1530
Nationality Benamocarreños
Town Hall
Escudo de BenamocarraC/ Zarzuela, 46, 29719 
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Día de la Música (Day of Music). Benamocarra. September. Unique Festival