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Diputación de Málaga
Alminar Mudéjar de Árchez

Árchez, nicknamed the Jewel of Merinita in the twelfth century, is a Moorish town set on the foothills of the Sierra de Tejeda and Sierra de Almijara. Its urban landscape and gastronomy reminiscent of the Arab era are a constant reminder of the past of this small town in the Axarquía.

A stop you can"t miss on the Ruta Mudejar, this town is also known for the delicious wine made with the grapes from the vineyards that dot its territory. A perfect place to enjoy the nature, History and customs of rural Malaga.




Árchez also preserves the remains of an ancient wall and three ancestral flour mills. The most famous is that of Doña Fidela, located in the basin of río Turvilla, near the centre of town.

Walking through the narrow winding streets of Árchez you can also admire the popular architecture that evokes the Moorish past of this village of the Axarquía.

The minaret of the fourteenth century iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación, is the most precious jewel of Árchez and a great example of Almohad architecture. Built in red brick, it is 15 metres high, has a square structure and diamond-shape decoration with plant motifs. It was declared a National Monument in 1979 for its historical and artistic value.

The tower is the only element that is preserved from the old mosque on which the iglesia de la Encarnación was erected. This Moorish style temple has a single nave with wooden frame, three dressing rooms behind the head and alcoves with images on their walls.

Geographic Data
Surface 5 km2
Altitude 530 m
Latitude 36º 50'
Length -3º 59'
Distance to Málaga City 54,2 km
City 391
Men 197
Women 194
Nationality Archeros
Town Hall
Escudo de ÁrchezPlaza de la Cruz, 24, 29753 
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Árchez: In the Mudéjar Route