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Diputación de Málaga

Do you want to take a look around the finest natural amphitheatre in all of Europe? Come to Periana and you will. The views from this village in the highest part of Axarquía will leave you speechless. With its rich landscapes, unique architecture and long-established customs, this destination is bound to impress.

You can"t leave Periana without trying its delicious peaches and high quality oil made from the verdial olive variety. These products are celebrated in two annual fiestas, which have become unmissable events in the regional calendar.




The Baños de Vilo are located two and a half kilometres from the village. Here you"ll find thermal baths at 600 metres above sea level, with a fountainhead sculpted more than one thousand years ago. The therapeutic properties of the water and the beautiful surrounding landscape make this enclave a must-see.

When you arrive back at the village, you can visit the 18th century stately houses, as well as the old municipal wash house and its fountain, which were the centre of social life for many decades.

The Iglesia de San Isidro Labrador is the most important monument in Periana. Built in the Neo-Mudéjar style after the 1884 earthquake, it has three naves separated by pointed arches. The winning features are the exposed brickwork on the outside and the polychrome terrazzo flooring on the inside.

The Museo del Aceite de Mondrón deserves a special mention with its traditional tools and milling stones. Here you"ll have the opportunity to learn about the production process of Mondrón oil, which has brought fame to this region in Axarquía.

If you want to take in the spectacular panoramic views, there"s no better spot than the Plaza de la Lomilleja. From the lookout, you"ll be able to make out the depression in the Guaro river and La Viñuela dam.

Geographic Data
Surface 59 km2
Altitude 550 m
Latitude 36º 55'
Length -4º 11'
Distance to Málaga City 59,5 km
City 3234
Men 1679
Women 1555
Nationality Perianenses
Town Hall
Escudo de PerianaPlaza de Andalucía, 1, 29710 
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