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Diputación de Málaga
Fuente Blanca, Almáchar. Axarquía

Almachar is a town in the county of Axarquia built on a hill with rivers on two sides. This white village and its winding streets, which follow the slopes of the terrain, evoke the towns Al-Andalus past.

Known for its fine quality currants, Almachar is also the home of the ajoblanco - a cold soup based on olive oil, garlic and almonds - one of the symbols of the county's gastronomy and of the entire province of Malaga. A unique festival is held every September In tribute to this famous soup.




Of special interest are the gardens of El Forte, above all for the panoramic views it offers. From this vantage point one can take in the view of the river Almachar and the entrance to the Cueva del Moro. According to a local legend, this cave conceals a treasure hidden by the Moriscos.

In the Plaza del Santo Cristo is the Museo de la Pasa, which invites us to learn about the process of one of Almáchar's most classic products. The museum has information panels and a collection of old utensils and tools.

The Las Cabras quarter, also in the old town of Almachar, is the best example of Arab-inspired town planning. Passageways, steps, and cobbled hallways alternate between the winding streets, edged with white facades decorated with flowers. The calle de los Mártires, which runs alongside the church of San Mateo, is one of the most picturesque places in the town. Built in the 16th century, it stands in the centre of Almachar. The church blends the late Gothic and Renaissance styles, although its tower is mudejar In two rococo alcoves one can see the images of La Dolorosa and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and together with the central altarpiece, the venerated Cristo de la Banda Verde.

Geographic Data
Surface 14 km2
Altitude 255 m
Latitude 36º 48'
Length -4º 13'
Distance to Málaga City 35,9 km
City 1840
Men 936
Women 904
Nationality Almachareños
Town Hall
Escudo de AlmácharC/ Almería, 14, 29718 
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Almáchar: the Festival of Ajoblanco