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Diputación de Málaga
Vista general, Parauta

Parauta is a municipality with Moorish origins located in the western part of the province of Malaga, in the Valle del Genal. With its white-washed streets, richly fertile valley and privileged location within the Parque Natural de la Sierra de las Nieves, Parauta is a unique destination to relax and tune in to nature. In this municipality you"ll discover the millenary holm oak tree, considered one of the oldest in the world.




In Parauta we recommend that you take a stroll around its cobblestone streets dating back to Moorish Spain and enjoy the fresh water fountains fed directly from the Valle del Genal.

Parauta boasts two natural monuments with immense ecological value: the Pinsapo de la Escalereta (a Spanish fir tree) and the Encina Valdecilla (a holm oak tree). This part of the Parque Natural de la Sierra de las Nieves is home to some of the oldest living fir trees. It is estimated that the Pinsapo de la Escalereta is between 350 and 550 years old. This not to be missed specimen reaches over 30 metres in height and the perimeter of its truck measures 9 metres.

You don"t need to leave the town centre to stumble across the Encina de Valdecilla. This 20-metre-high tree has a diameter of 3 metres. Although its exact age is unknown, its characteristics and size have led some experts to argue that it could be one of the oldest holm oaks in the world.

As for interesting architecture, a highlight is the Iglesia de la Inmaculada Concepción, dating back to the 16th century. At this church you can see the San Pascual Bailón, a polychrome wooden sculpture that found its inspiration in a work by Pedro de Mena, as well as a Virgin of Sorrows from the 18th century.

Geographic Data
Surface 44 km2
Altitude 799 m
Latitude 36º 39'
Length -5º 07'
Distance to Málaga City 116 km
City 272
Men 138
Women 134
Nationality Parauteños
Town Hall
Escudo de ParautaPlaza Calvario, 4, 29451 
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