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Diputación de Málaga
Villanueva del Rosario. Vista desde drone

Villanueva del Rosario is a town in the district of Nororma, in the province of Málaga, located next to an imposing mountain front formed by the sierra de Camarolos and the sierra del Jobo.

The natural saucedeño (people from Villanueva del Rosario) setting is richly varied, with beautiful landscapes, caves, sites and many other active tourism attractions.




Important Visigoth remains have been found in the borough of Villanueva del Rosario. Close to the town centre, a number of very interesting Visigoth necropolises have been found.

Also of note are the ruins found on the Finca del Tardón and on the Peñón del Oso. Both sites dating back to the Copper Age.

Places to visit in the saucedeño town include the parish church, the Rincón and de los Escalones sites, the Fuente Vieja (Old Fountain), the Casa Burguesa and other beautiful examples of local Andalusian architecture.

The hermitage of Nuestra Señora del Rosario, dedicated to the patron saint of the village, lies between the sites of the Nacimiento and Hondoneros.

Geographic Data
Surface 44 km2
Altitude 697 m
Latitude 37º 01'
Length -4º 20'
Distance to Málaga City 41,4 km
City 3339
Men 1636
Women 1703
Nationality Saucedeños
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    The path leads to a wetland, where you can see some waterfowl, passing through an area of limestone mountains and forests of Aleppo pine. There are numerous springs that attract all kinds of birds....


    Villanueva del Rosario is one of the areas that directly approaches the limestone mountain range called The The Penibaetic System. This range has such geological, river and plant features that...


    The River Guadalhorce and its beginnings (Up to km 7.0) The Stage sets off from the south of the hamlet of Villanueva del Rosario along the right-hand bank of La Canaleja stream, just before it...



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