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Hotel-Restaurant "Los Jarales" (Distinguished Establishments)

Diputación de Málaga
Hotel-Restaurante Los Jarales (Istán) 8623

Hotel-Restaurant "Los Jarales" (Distinguished Establishments)

This establishment, which is open all year round, is located at the entrance to Istan and in a place where the mountain ranges around Ronda merge with the Costa del Sol.

This municipality belongs to the mountain range known as the Sierra de las Nieves (The Snowy Mountains) which is also designated as a Nature sanctuary, and is squeezed between the Sierra Real, (the Royal mountains) and the Sierra Blanca (The White Mountains). The water that runs off the snowy mountains flows out of the many springs and then heads down the Rio Verde (The Green river) to the reservoir that supplies water to the western part of the Costa del Sol. It is in this setting, on the top of a lovely hill, that our stablishment can be found basking in spectacular views.

The buildings’s construction has a rustic feel to it as roof tiles, natural stone, wooden cladding and white-washed walls all blend together.

The hotel is divided up on two floors. The bedrooms, a covered rooftop terrace which is open at the sides allows the visitor to admire the landscape with the reservoir as a backdrop and to breathe in some of the pure mountain air.

There are 14 bedrroms all of which have been decorated in the same rustic style as the exterior of the hotel with wooden furniture and panoramic views of the mountains and the reservoir. The ceilings have wooden beans and the walls mix light colours like pink and cream with more blue tones. The interior rustic design has been enhanced through the hanging of some motifs that remind the visitor of the Moorish history common to the region.

Both the closeness to the Coast and its location at one of the access points to the Nature Reserve have their influence on the gastronomy of the region creating a wide selection of tastes. It may be because of this that it is so famous all around or maybe for its charming cosy design that is perfect for enjoying the excellent menu either on the exterior terrace with its fantastic views or inside. The interior design and decoration is carefully planned and looked after. The wooden cladding on the pale pink walls inside and rustic motifs on the exterior of the building are both outstanding elements.

The menu includes a wide range of international dishes, however, the restaurant’s fame is due to the use of more local traditional products which are elaborated with great care and exquisitely presented. A look through the menu will reveal starters such as the “house scrambled eggs”, the “country omelette”, or a local village stew-like soup. The choice of first courses includes some outstanding dishes like “venao en caldereta,” pig baked in the oven or cooked in milk or rabbit in garlic. For fish lovers there is sole meuniere or tuna “almadraba”. As for desserts they are normally all home-made so there is a wide range for all to choose from which varies from day to day according to the products that are available that day. However, the guests don’t have to worry about choosing as there will always, be recommendations on hand about the choice of the best fresh mountain or sea products.

There is a wide offer of alternative leisure activities on hand due to the proximity of the beach and the special location of the village itself. Golf, beach activities, horse riding, mountain walking are some of the many offers, however, probably the most desirable of all is to get to know the municipality and surroundings, landscapes and special places by strolling around this privileged spot which are only available to those who live there and the visitors who take the trouble to drive up off the coast.

How to get there

Ctra. Marbella-Istán, Km. 14
Zip Code 29611

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