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Heat is Coming - Time for River Walks!

Diputación de Málaga
Nacimiento del río de las Zúas

Heat is Coming - Time for River Walks!

Twenty river trails all around the province

When summer heat comes to the province, people tend to stop hiking. However, this is not necessary at all as there are plenty of possibilities to enjoy the natural surroundings, such as river walks. We bet you will find it interesting. We recommend twenty river hikes, which will allow you to see this area in a different light.

Málaga as a Miniature Continent

Málaga has the smallest surface (7,308 km2) among the provinces in Andalusia, and it consists of mountains, countryside, valleys and the coast. There are five big natural areas: Serranía de Ronda, Valle del Guadalhorce, Costa del Sol, Antequera  and La Axarquía. From one side to the other, Málaga's landscape changes as a patchwork which reminds of a miniature continent.

Most of the rivers in Málaga have its source in carbonated aquifers from mountain ranges which are relatively close to the sea. This river display and rainfall pattern is typical for the Mediterranean area, which tells a lot about these rivers and streams - they are usually short, with quite varied flow and often act as watercourses.


From La Axarquía to the Serranía de Ronda and through the rest of the areas, our rivers are places for wonderful hikes that follow their courses.

Unlike the signposted and certified paths such as long-distance paths (longer than 50 km like the Great Málaga Path GR 249) and short-distance paths (shorter than 50 km), river trails are not signposted, so there is to be very careful and get ready properly for the hike. It is extremely important to study and find the route in the map before the hike, and be aware of the weather forecast, especially if there are signs that it will rain, and the state of the rivers. GPS tracks should help you during the hike.

Although you do not need special kind of shoes or clothes, it is recommended the use of proper boots and flexible shoes as you are going to walk across the rivers. You should also have waterproof bags for your mobile phone and wallet as they can get wet. Moreover, it is advisable to do this kind of routes through the agencies specialized in active tourism or with experienced hikers.

Twenty River Walks

Along this twenty recommended hikes, nature lovers and people who appreciate landscapes and rivers heritage will find all necessary tips to safely and reliably learn about the most important sites along the rivers in Málaga.

We would like to encourage you to walk along the riverbanks and find out more about the plants and animals in the area, as well as about the country culture and jobs that used to be done in mills, winepresses and irrigation channels, which were all around plains and slopes in this area. However, there is also to show exemplary behaviour and protect and look after this delicate ecosystems by following the rules regarding protected natural areas and the recommendations given by environmental agencies and this country's security forces.

Twenty suggested walking routes are the following. We hope you will enjoy them.

ROUTE 1: River Padrón and its tributary the Abrón, trail A and trail B.
ROUTE 2: River Guadalmina and Las Angosturas.
ROUTE 3: The Rio Grande / River Grande,  source of Zarzalones, trail A and trail B.
ROUTE 4: River Turón, dams, trail A and trail B.
ROUTE 5: River Guadalevín, Tajo Precipice in Ronda.
ROUTE 6: Las Zúas River, can plate factory, trail A and trail B.
ROUTE 7: Balastar Stream, Travertine in Fajarán.
ROUTE 8: River Genal and the footbridges along the long-distance path   GR-249.
ROUTE 9: River Gaduares, Montejaque Reservoir.
ROUTE 10: River Guadalteba, walk between rocks and olive groves.
ROUTE 11: River Guadalhorce El Caminito del Rey Path.
ROUTE 12: River Alaminos, Barranco Blanco Ravine.
ROUTE 13: Chaperas Stream, walk between pine trees and winepresses.
ROUTE 14: River Guadalmina, Invisible River.
ROUTE 15: River Genil, water wheels and mills, trail A and trail B
ROUTE 16: River Chillar, gullies.
ROUTE 17: River Patamalara, Barranco Moreno precipice.
ROUTE 18: River Bermuza, Fájara Cave.
ROUTE 19: River Almanchares, El Saltillo Precipice.
ROUTE 20: River Guaro and Vilo Pools.