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Paradise around the Cliffs in Marro-Cerro Godo

Diputación de Málaga
074. Acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo

Paradise around the Cliffs in Marro-Cerro Godo

Coves with pure water at the eastern end of the province, where one can seclude from the crowd

Wide coast in the province of Málaga gives us the opportunity to make a plan which is different than going to typical crowded beaches and beach restaurants. In Axarquia, tourists and local people can enjoy good weather away from crowded town beaches in quiet places which are surrounded by nature, but are not far from the city of Málaga and other coastal towns where is difficult to find piece and calm.

Natural Surroundings

This is a stunning natural beauty spot on the eastern coast of Málaga, in the town of Nerja. It has rugged coastline with small coves and cliffs, as well as terraced farmland. Sea life is rather rich, so the area is ideal for diving.

The cliffs in Maro-Cerro Gordo are absolutely stunning. When the sky is clear, you can admire wonderful views and even see the coast of Africa.

You can start by visiting Maro Balcony which is at the square of Our Lady of Wonders Church. Maro, which belongs to the Town of Nerja, is a typical small Andalusian village and a famous tourist landmark.

There is a fertile plain and Maro Watchtower, built with other four towers to defend the coast from pirates.

If you follow the road N-340 to Almuñécar, there is to go towards Marquise Tower or Maro Tower, where you can walk and admire the view of spectacular cliffs.

This same road and direction will lead you towards the Almijara Mountains, which go into the sea by creating splendid scenery of breathtaking cliffs and beautiful coves. There are places where you can stop and admire beautiful views, as the caves cannot be approached by cars and other vehicles.

Next stop along the road is the turning to Cerro Gordo with the best views over the cliffs and the coast of Málaga.

Geological Sites

Málaga Coast is not very wide, as mountains are very close and parallel to the sea. Coastline has been formed in different ways, which resulted in varied landscapes - from sandy beaches to small coves which you can only access on foot of by boat. All of these places are geologically important. Western coast has flatter shore than the eastern because the mountains are further from the sea. The fact that Málaga Mountains in the east are very close to the coast, resulted in plenty of cliffs and rocky coastline created by erosion.

When the mountains reach the sea, cliffs and rocky shore are made like in the Cliffs of Maro-Cerro Gordo Natural Beauty Spot.

Site for Bird Watching and their Study

This coastline is eight kilometres long and goes from Maro in the province of Málaga to Cerro Goro in La Herradura (Almuñecar), the province of Granada.

In these surroundings, one can admire sea birds and forest birds, which can get close to the sea level through pine forests, like mountain goats.  At the beginning of the 1990s, this was the only area in the province where yellow-legged gulls used to nest on the cliffs around Cantarriján. Today, the situation is very different as they have extended to urban areas and nest on the buildings all along the coast, and there are some of them at Fuente de Piedra or El Chorro reservoirs.

There are also blue rock thrushes, black wheatears  and plenty of rock buntings on cliff walls. Around the River La Miel, a flock of Scopoli's shearwaters might be found in summer (probably non-breeding adults).

Here, you can watch birds that live the ticket, forest, rocks and sea birds.


It can be accessed by the old road from Alumécar to Nerja, by different ways that lead to the upper part of the cliff or to its foot.

Cerro Gordo Natural Beauty Spot, Cantarrijana, Los Cañuelos Cove, Las Alberquillas Beach, Maro.