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Ethnographical Museum Las Vistillas, Coin

Diputación de Málaga


Ethnographical Museum Las Vistillas, Coin

(Images taken from video uploaded to Youtube Cerámica Tradicional Coineña). The Ethnographic Museum "Vistillas, Coin rural life" is a cultural complex including a pottery workshop, an ethnographic museum, a gazebo and a garden. In the ceramics workshop, working techniques and styles includes the study of traditional ceramics and the use of tools such as the lathe. Regarding the Ethnographic Museum, it is divided into two rooms, Antonio Vargas Franco and La Forge, plus the exterior of the property. Through the exhibits in these aeas it can be known what life was like for our ancestors in the Guadalhorce Valley. It aims to inform visitors of Coin history during the twentieth century. El Mirador is a large terrace from where it can be seen the entire valley, from the Serrania de Ronda to Malaga. The farm is located in a prime location on the southern slope of the Valle del Guadalhorce. Finally, the farm is part of traditional garden with orange trees and various fruit trees, and there is also a part of Sierra, with native trees (such as oaks, carob, olive, or figs). It also has plants native to the area, as the thyme, rosemary, fennel, chamomile, esparto and other plants of medicinal and culinary use. It also has domestic animals (Andalusian donkey, chickens, turkeys, or pheasants).