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Spa, Carratraca

Diputación de Málaga


Spa, Carratraca

(Images taken from video uploaded to Youtube by por Andalucía es Turismo). The location originally grew around the springs and an 18th century chapel. Twenty six years later, the spa was built, appropriately in the Neoclassical style which typified the mid 19th century golden age of this type of establishment. The present-day village appeared around the 19th century as a result of the extension of the spa facilities which are now one of the area’s main attractions. The building that currently houses these curative waters is a Neoclassical construction built from sandstone and marble which stands in Calle Baños. It was built in the mid 19th century (1847) in response to growing demand and was inaugurated in its current form in 1855. It was extended using land belonging to the Count of Teba, who was the father of Doña Eugenia de Montijo, which was ceded on the condition that his daughter would be granted the exclusive use of a bath which still exists today. The curative powers of these waters has been scientifically proven and they are particularly effective in the treatment of skin and mucous conditions, invalidating rheumatic, arthrosic and arthritic processes and disorders of the nervous system.