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Castle of Peña of Ardales

Diputación de Málaga


Castle of Peña of Ardales

A Fortress that preserves the remains of a Medieval castle (9th to 15Ith century) and a large Mudejar church (15th century) that has an impressive coffered ceiling and several Baroque chapels. The castle, built on a rocky outcrop at 496 metres above sea level, dominates the village that sits at its feet and the wide open plain that stretches out towards the Sierra de Peñarrubia. It is one of the natural-made corridors to Malaga, hence its strategic importance. The fortress has the battlemented tower of the Sierra de Peñarrubia and the Turón castle, which were to be closely connected by sight. Despite the fact that some Prehistoric remains from the Laccolithic era have been dug up, the remains that currently come to light and are preserved are from the Medieval period.