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Museum of Tools and Traditions, Alozaina

Diputación de Málaga


Museum of Tools and Traditions, Alozaina

The Museum of Tools and Traditions is based in the same building that houses “Art from my hands,” a social enterprise dedicated to recovering the crafts that are part of the Andalusian cultural heritage, many of them with a view to disappear. In ancient workshops, crafts are done with the same processes as in the past. Pottery, ceramics, jewelry, toys, etc., as well as a compendium of complementary crafts, are done following the traditional process which make these items authentic and exclusive . Among the services offered to visitors are the aforementioned Museum and a store of craft and self-made pottery. The museum invites us to know the various agricultural implements used by farmers in their work and also tools for different crafts as part of the cultural heritage of our territory. Most of them have disappeared due to the emergence of new machinery or to less traditional and more modern techniques. Meanwhile, in the craft and ceramic store, handicrafts may be made in the company's own workshops.