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Hotel "Refugio de Juanar", Ojén

Diputación de Málaga


Hotel "Refugio de Juanar", Ojén

This hotel, which is an ancient hunting lodge of the Marqueses of Larios, is a place full of history and anecdotes. Located in the Sierra Blanca (The White Mountains) between Ojen and Monda, it is reached by a five kilometre tarmac road that meanders amongst forests and mountains, and finally stands out surrounded by trees as a uniquely beautiful setting. The two floor/storey construction is faithful to the ancient architectural design although some necessary and logical modifications have been carried out to make it suitable for tourists to enjoy. The roof, which is slanted to allow for the rapid drainage of rainwater, is made of the traditional ancient roof tiles. The walls are mainly of stone and brick and they are predominantly light-coloured with large windows, which combines well with the soft light that creeps through the tree tops.