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Water Museum, Istán

Diputación de Málaga


Water Museum, Istán

Istán is located between the villages with more wealth and experience in water culture of the Sierra de las Nieves, which has earned the name of "Spring of the Costa del Sol". The importance of this resource has been evidenced by the numerous springs existing in this territory, by the moor ditches that bathe gardens and terraces, as well the large number of channels, sources and sinks existing in several places in town. The interior design of the Museum of Water is edgy and pretends to show all visitors the vital role water plays in life. In the building, it highlight the construction of a small canal on the floor, leading to a glass-enclosed pool. There is also a media room for informative and interpretive projections on water. These actions have been financed with the Plan to Promote Tourism in the Sierra de las Nieves.