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Fachada del Palacio ProvincialThe term ‘Local Public Service’ can be defined as a service offered by an entity within the scope of its attributions and local competencies. The service can be managed directly (i.e. by the most significant local entities, such as the Council and the Town Halls), by an autonomous organism (OAL), a Board, or even by a local business public entity. The management of local public services is to be carried out following the specifications required by Law 7/1985, of 2nd April, (articles 85-87) regarding the Regulations of Local Government:

  • Since local public services are performed by collegiate bodies, representatives must be named.
  • The local plenary council is responsible for their creation, modification, refoundation and suppression of these services and is also responsible for the approval of their statutes; they should be assigned to a department or equivalent local entity.
  • They will be subjected to a control of efficiency by the organ or equivalent local entity they are assigned to.
  • All local public business entities should have a management board, whose composition should be determined by their statutes.
  • The secretary of the management board, who should be a public servant with tertiary qualifications, will carry out the function of legal attestation of documents and will provide legal advice to individual and collective members of these entities.