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Provincial Tourism Board of the Costa del Sol

Diputación de Málaga

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Provincial Tourism Board of the Costa del Sol

Logo Patronato de TurismoThe Provincial Tourism Board of the Costa del Sol is a non-profit association with its own legal personality, created for public use. Its objectives are to define the most convenient sustainable tourism policies available, and to actively and effectively intervene in the national and international tourism markets in an effort to increase tourist numbers.

Additional aims include coordinating individual and collective efforts, welcoming public and private initiatives to work together on new plans and activities, and defending the touristic interests of Málaga. The Board aims to increase citizen and institutional awareness of the value of tourism to our society.

The Provincial Tourism Board’s members include the Provincial Council of Málaga and its plenary members, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Regional Government of Andalucía, Turespaña, public and municipal tourism institutions, business organisations and associations, especially those connected to the touristic sector, such as the Costa del Sol Hoteliers’ Association – AEHCOS –, the Travel Agents’ Association – AEDAV –, the Málaga Hoteliers’ Association – AEHMA–, The Association of Beach Restaurants, the Association of Leisure and Shows, and of Touristic Real Estate Promoters. Additional members include the University, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation, the Port Authority, the Airport, union organisations and businesses from different areas of tourism, as well as numerous individuals and personalities from the cultural, artistic, intellectual and entrepreneurial sectors.

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Managerial Body

  • President: Elias Bendodo Benasayag
  • Manager: D. Carlos Arturo Bernal Bergua
  • General Assembly: Comprising full members of the Tourism Board, and the Council Plenary.