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Diputación de Málaga
Unique Institutions

EmprovimaThe Province of Málaga comprises 100 municipalities, 78 of which have populations of under 5,000. For these small areas, the ability to maintain the numbers of their youth population is vital for their survival. In the 1990s, the youth was forced to face two major obstacles: the lack of affordable housing and high rates of unemployment, which provoked a mass exodus to big cities. EMPROVIMA aims to offer the youth the affordable housing they need, and to bolster the economy of smaller areas, to prevent the risk posed by depopulation.

Housing for those who most need it:

EmprovimaAccess to dignified housing is a fundamental right contemplated by the Spanish Constitution, yet it is little more than a dream for thousands of people in Málaga.

As a public enterprise, we have set ourselves the aim of intervening in the real estate land market (which has become a luxury for the privileged few) by setting up an array of different promotions. We hope to successfully carry out our socially focused work, and become regulators of the market, with a view to developing the province and strengthening the territory.Emprovima

EMPROVIMA will also try to adapt each promotion to the respective realities faced by the different municipalities, and to fulfil their specific needs. Only in this way can we achieve success at guaranteeing the right to housing, maintaining youth population numbers and offering quality real estate. Our main competitive advantage is our ability to carry out transactions speedily and to contact Town Halls directly.

Office and Heads of Service

Address: Plaza de la Marina 4, 3rd floor – 29015 Málaga
• Telephone number: 952 228 037
• Fax: 952 224 152
• e-mail:
• Website:

Other Managers

  • President: Ana Carmen Mata Rico
  • Managing Director: D. Joaquín Villanova
  • Managers:

- General Board:

Comprising the Plenary Corporation

- Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors shall comprise the number of Councillors decided upon and named by the General Board, with a minimum of five Councillors and a maximum of 20.