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Election of the President

Diputación de Málaga

The Council


Election of the President

Election of the President

Plenary Session for the Constitution of the New Provincial Council

<ul> <li>Salón de Plenos. </li></ul>(After the local elections)

The plenary session deals first with the constitution of the new provincial council, with the provincial deputies making their oath or affirmation. Thereafter, the election of the Council President (from among the provincial deputies) takes place.

Point 1. Constitution of the Provincial Council

1. From the Presidential Table, the Secretary of the institution notes the departure from office of the Council President who occupied the post previous to this Act.

2. The Secretary turns to the matter of the constitution of the Interim Bureau.

3. The members of the Interim Bureau, through the Secretary, declare that they have carried out identity checks on the elected deputies via certification by the Electoral Board.

4. The Secretary notes the presence of the 31 members of the corporation and any relevant justification for absence.

5. The Secretary reads out the names of all the deputies and the political parties they belong to.

6. The Secretary reads the oath or promise; upon being named, each deputy stands up and declares: “I swear” or “I promise”.

7. The Secretary declares the Provincial Council to have been constituted.

Point 2. The Election of the President of the Provincial Council

Toma de posesión de Elías Bendodo como presidente de la Diputación Provincial (23 de junio)8. The election of President takes place by secret ballot, with votes being deposited into an urn located on the Presidential Table.

9. The President of the Interim bureau counts the votes, ensuring that all deputies have given their vote. The result of the elections is informed to the Secretary, who proclaims the new President.

10. The new President is required to appear before the Interim Bureau to take office.

11. The President of the Interim Bureau presents the medal and symbols to the new President, who takes his seat at the table. The components of the Interim Bureau also take their seats.

12. The President then asks the Secretary to name each deputy, and proceeds to present the latter with a corporative medal.

13. The President then allows the speakers of each of the different political groups to speak. The political party with the greatest numbers of deputies speaks first and the party with least number of deputies speaks last.

14. The elected President speaks.

15. The President closes the session.

16. A group photo is taken and the President attends to members of the press at a press conference.