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Escudo antiguoStudies carried out by specialists in the public library and archive indicate that there are no documents referring to Málaga’s coat of arms prior to 1922, the year in which a considerable volume of the Provincial Council’s archives were destroyed in a devastating fire which took place between the 25th and 26th of April. Efforts by the National Historical Archive to elicit information on the evolution of the coat of arms have also proven unfruitful.

Nevertheless, interesting information, which is more or less contemporary, has been uncovered. In 1926, the Corporation commissioned painter, Moreno Carbonero, to design the sergeant-at-arms’ tunic, which featured the coat of arms of the Province. The artist added a new border, which bore the representative coats of arms of the different judicial parties.

The Málaga City Hall eventually removed the upper right part of the coat of arms, where the waves (in silver/blue) were located at the foot of the wall. The waves were substituted by 12 red and golden stripes, which represented the 12 judicial parties (with the exception of the capital of Málaga). This change took place during the Republic, and can seemingly be attributed to the painter, Luís Ramos Rosas.

The above-mentioned description describes the seal in its actual state.