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Diputación de Málaga

The Institution


Fachada del Palacio ProvincialThe headquarters of the Málaga Provincial Council is located at the Palacio Provincial:

  • Address: 54 Pacífico St., 29004 Málaga
  • Telephone number: 952 133 500 - 952 069 900
  • Fax: 952 133 755
  • e-mail:

Fachada de la Casa de la MisericordiaThe construction of new offices for the Council was justified by the previously dispersed location of its different departments. The physical distance between offices led to a lack of coordination; residents and local authorities alike were forced to waste considerable time travelling to and from buildings and completing paperwork. The preliminary plan for the new offices was presented to the public on Saturday, June 29, 2002. The Council building currently stands on land belonging to Málaga’s Civic Centre.

The building comprises two large modules: one module was built parallel to the coast and leads to the Council itself and the other is perpendicular to the sea. There is an in-built car park measuring over 1,100m2.

Infografía del exterior de la nueva sedeThe new building offers a number of advantages, including the following:

  • All the Provincial Council’s services and political representatives are now housed under one roof.
  • The building can be easily accessed and boasts an ample car park.
  • It is central.
  • It is well connected to the City centre.

Infografía de la Fachada de la nueva sedeInfografía del exterior de la nueva sedeThe political-administrative part of the building comprises one ground floor plus two additional floors distributed in the following manner:

  • Ground floor: Contains a conference hall with a 468-person capacity, lobbies, a waiting room and complementary services such as access control, areas, stairs and lifts.
  • First floor: Home to the Secretary General, Intervention, Treasury, the Presidential Advisors, businesses and complementary services.
  • Second floor: Comprises the departments/services that make up the Presidency of the Council, the plenary hall, the Presidency itself, the waiting area, the Communications office and political groups zone. This area is joined to the rest of the building by two 230 metre-long structures divided into two floors (a basement and a ground floor) by a passageway which houses the register and Council bulletin, in addition to a space for potential exhibitions.

Sede en ConstrucciónSede en Construcción

Finally, the exteriors of both buildings are protected by a stainless steel wall, which offers safety and filters light to a set of buildings which have been constructed entirely in crystal.