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Diputación de Málaga

The Institution


Elias Bendodo. Presidente de la Diputación de MálagaAs President of the Provincial Council of Malaga, I would like to invite you to help us transform our province into the land we wish it to be.

You, the citizens, will play this crucial role in a new era, which marks the commencement of a “Málaga of new opportunities”.

Over the next four years, the Popular Party (Partido Popular) intends to reinforce the institutional and administrative roles of the Provincial Council, operating within a demanding socio-economic context which requires a greater commitment to Málaga’s people.

We will carry out our work with austerity and efficiency, as demanded by the current times. Equality and solidarity are the twin pillars on which our work will stand.

Herein lies our commitment to the Province of Málaga. Our greatest challenge will be that of working within our true economic capacity, modernising our internal structure, and leading by example in the areas of integration and territorial balance within the province. Additionally, we will ensure that necessary investments are made in infrastructure.

Our aim is to promote growth in the villages and cities of our province. We have all the ingredients required to ensure success. We believe in our own ability and we are confident that we have the solutions that Málaga needs.

We are working on a number of projects which aim to avoid population decline in our municipalities; we will work hard to favour equal opportunity and fight to make employment (which falls within the exclusive competence of the Regional Government of Andalucía) a priority in all sectors: agriculture, tourism, culture, sports and infrastructure, and road networks.

Finally, we will fervently support our rural sector, protecting and promoting the agricultural industry. We will provide all the support that is necessary to obtain due recognition for the agricultural sector’s role as the engine of growth and well-being of the province of Málaga.

This is our commitment, my commitment.

Elias Bendodo

President of the Málaga Provincial Council