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La cocina del entorno de los embalses Guadalhorce y Guadalteba

Diputación de Málaga

La cocina del entorno de los embalses Guadalhorce y Guadalteba

Inland, valleys area, mountains, rivers, reservoirs and gorges. White villages that spill from the hills. Wheat, almonds, olives, and fruit orchards also tasted old. Earth with a thousand influences, ancient fortresses who witnessed reconquests of bandits, traders and travelers. At the heart of the province, around reservoirs, the Guadalhorce-Guadalteba regions show a deep flavor of Andalusia and Malaga, where the intense aroma of olive oil perfumed Arabian recipes with this generous land that caters to their guests.
The goat, goat milk or pork are part of their culinary heritage. So are wheat, with brown bread crumb leg and delicious, honey, almonds, wine, asparagus, cheap cigar, orange, lemon and fruit of a thousand gardens surrounding their municipalities to complete and provide balance to a traditional cuisine that we are proud to show off our land, but first go unnoticed.

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