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GR 243. Sierra de las Nieves. Etappe 7: Monda - Ojén

Diputación de Málaga

GR 243. Sierra de las Nieves. Etappe 7: Monda - Ojén

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The name of the street, calle Istan, indicates the starting point of our route in  Monda, coinciding with the old pathway to the village of Istan. The first part of the way heads south-west and away from the village, passing between small, fenced estates. The path heads downhill along a section where the pavement of the old way is still preserved, leading us down to the Arroyo Seco (Dry Stream). Once across this latter we meet an important crossing of paths, some 2.5 km past our starting point. Here we have two choices, to either continue directly towards Istan or to take the other path, towards Ojen.

To reach Ojen we have to take the tarmac surfaced track on the left that leads on to the old road to Monda. When we reach an old bridge we continue on the right, following the old road till we come to the A-355, which we have to cross. Once across the road our route continues through the dense pine woods of the Llanos de Purla, running practically parallel to the roadway until we reach the entrance to a dry stone quarry. If we continue straight ahead through the pine wood, this serves us as a point of reference as when we have gone just about one kilometre from the entrance to the quarry we meet a footpath on the left that we have to take. Barely 500 metres further on this path leads us to the rear part of the recreational area of Purla. From here we take the path on the right that joins the road to Juanar (MA-5300) 800 metres later.
To reach Juanar we have no other option but to follow this roadway for the next four kilometres.

Once in  Juanar we have to follow the path of the ‘mirador’ (viewing point), till we reach the zone of the Olivar (olive grove) of Juanar. Here we take the footpath on the left which heads downhill, following the path of the Cerezal stream, leading us to Ojen another 4 km further on.

From the olive grove in Juanar we also have the possibility of reaching Istan, a journey of 8 km. Nevertheless, due to the uneven ground and the difficult going along the bottom of the valley of the Molinos stream, this route is only suited to experienced hikers who are adequately prepared.

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1. Starting point

Access Starting point:Junction of the calle Villeta with the calle Istán (Monda).



2. Finish point

Access to finish point: The Rio Almadan car park, near to the petrol station in Calle Carretera (Ojén).

Dauer - 5:30 horas
Länge - 11100 Km