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GR 249. 32. Etappe: Ojén - Mijas

Diputación de Málaga

GR 249. 32. Etappe: Ojén - Mijas

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1. Initiation Stage :

Access Starting point:  The only road is the A-355, which leaves from Marbella towards the area of Alhaurín el Grande and Coin, to the north.

Starting point:  Area west of Ojén, intersection of the A-7103 road.

Enjoy the walk safely: There is quite a long distance between the starting point and any inhabited areas, about 24 kilometres to Entrerríos, where there are bus lines. Sierra Alpujata is characterised by scarce population which means that the walker needs to address facing such a walking distance as far as time and provisions are concerned. Obviously, in summer you need to focus on water supply. There is only one water source along the way, Fuente del Cabañil, however it hasn´t been treated for human consumption and you must take a detour to get to it. A good way of doing this stage would be on a mountain bike. However, you would need to be an expert mountain biker to be able to follow most of the paths which make up the 10 km section from the fi rst ford across the Río de las Pasadas and along the streambed of the Arroyo de los Pilones.

It is recommended to adapt your walking to the available daylight hours depending on the season, and to the length of the walk, keeping in mind that you need to maintain an average speed of 4 km an hour including stops so that you can complete the whole stage in 10 hours.

The streams you cross in Sierra Alpujata carry little water and the fords along the tracks are adapted by the use of broad concrete platforms. You shouldn´t encounter any problems at the Río de las Pasadas either, although it may seem to the contrary looking at the wide riverbed. The same happens during the long kilometre you must walk following the steam bottom of Arroyo de los Pilones or along either stream bank. The stream rarely carries any water or it is reduced to a narrow ditch which is easily crossed. Anyway, you can use part of the PR A-170 to cross the stream over a bridge. There are many sections of road, in Entrerríos and then before Mijas.

Quite frequently there is a shoulder you can follow but not everywhere so you need to be careful. Pay attention at the bend of the road where you step off the asphalt to cross Río de las Pasadas (km 27.5), as there is little visibility.

2. Completion of Stage:

Access to finish point:  Above-mentioned road connects with the area of Alhaurín el Grande and Coin, while the best road to follow from the coast is the A-368 which comes from the AP-7S and the parallel N-340, already practically inserted in the coastal urban fabric.

Finish point:  The A-387, in the northern part of the village of Mijas.

3. Alternatives :

Possible "escape  routes":  There are many tracks which descend towards the south and the coast, but all of them mean covering quite a distance. The best idea would be to follow the path or retrace your steps. Starting from the Centro de Rehabilitación de Drogadictos the reference area is Entrerríos.

No return point:  Just past the helipad and the water reservoir for fi re fi ghting there is a junction which leads to Linarejos. Keep in mind that at this point there is the same distance to Ojén (returning) and walking ahead to Centro de Rehabilitación de Drogadictos. The latter is an ideal place for an “escape” since it is well connected to the Entrerríos area through a paved track and is well known in Mijas.

Connections to other footpaths and trails: La Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Costa del Sol, the local governing body, published in 2011 a network of itineraries in which the PR A-170 Ojén-Mijas was included. Although it nominally coincides with stage 32, it differs in its approach to Mijas, and thus in the cumulative elevation gain and length. The good side of it is that the PR can be used as a much less mountainous alternative. In order to do this, instead of fording the river Río de las Pasadas you would need to follow the road to encounter the walk on top of the bridge and follow the signs from there to the end.

Apart form the paths described in stage 31, to Ojén, the other adapted paths are in Mijas and are confi ned to the sierra. There
are information panels at the starting points but practically speaking these are paths which ascend towards the highest parts and there are many possibilities of circular walks.

One of the starting points is the Puerto Colorado, and in fact the starting point is the same as for the GR-249 where this walk leaves the A-387 road. Here start such walks as Ruta Naranja (orange walk) to Pico Mijas, about 4 km one way, Ruta Verde (green walk) from las Cañadas, same length and with a connection to the previous one, and Ruta Azul (blue walk) from la Fuente de las Adelfas, 3 km long.

However, our path uses the red walk, Ruta Roja or de la Cruz de la Misión (2.6 km) heading east. In the mining area it connects with a short 1 km itinerary, (white walk) Ruta Blanca or of the Cantera del Barrio, and a couple more which are described in stage 33 as they coincide with that stage during the majority of the w


Dauer - 14:45 horas
Länge - 50400 Km