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Walk Concoste La Portá, SL-A 175, Benarrabá

Diputación de Málaga
Concoste - La Portá, SL-A 175, Benarrabá 1

Walk Concoste La Portá, SL-A 175, Benarrabá

We will start our outing close to the local school and the Hotel Banu Rabba. Firstly, we will have to go down through the path, in a very good preservation conditions (Concoste) to get into a cork oat wood. We will follow towards the town of Benarraba- Genal River- Genaguacil to leave this way metres after and to continue for a new path that will lead us direction to La Mohea leisure area.

A few metres after we will take the PR- A 240 Benarraba-Genaguacil. We continue going up to the area known as La Porta. Finally after a hard ascend we will reach again the town of Benarraba just at Sol Street that it will be the end of our outing.

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